Sara bird nelson Healing arts

Sara Bird Nelson is a Holy Fire Reiki III Master/Teacher and Certified Feng Shui Practitioner/Teacher located in Maine. We brought new energy to her brand that reflected her dynamic and powerful work as a feng shui and reiki master. Design rebranding elements include a new logo design, mark, custom illustration and image design, and a full website design. Creative copywriting rebranding services include naming and a website content overhaul.


Sara Bird Nelson practices a western approach to Feng Shui, known as the BTB School, which integrates traditions from all cultures including shamanism, psychology, intentions and rituals. The BTB School orients the Bagua Map on the front door of your home versus the direction your home faces.


In addition to Reiki and Feng Shui, Sara works with people to bring projects to life in a heart-centered way. She is the sounding board and organizer of ideas to move projects and most importantly, people, forward.